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Suncoast Marine Works is an authorized dealer of Suzuki Outboard Boat Motors. Suzuki Boat Motors are The World’s First Selective Rotation Outboards. We offer a wide selection that includes:

The Next Generation DF300AP/DF250APP/DF250APSuzuki’s flagship DF300 outboard has been recognized twice as the most innovative outboard in the industry. The original DF300 was launched as the world’s first 300hp 4-stroke outboard and was acknowledged for this by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) with the 2006 Innovation Award.

The DF300AP incorporates several new features, the most notable being SUZUKI Precision Maneuvering. This new joystick steering system will greatly aid boaters in docking situations. These outboards also feature Selective Rotation. By strengthening the lower units forward and reverse gearing, Suzuki engineers have designed a lower unit for the DF300AP that will run in either right or left rotation. With this world’s first feature, the DF300AP was recognized once again with the NMMA Innovation Award.

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The DF250AP is based on the DF300AP and shares the same award winning innovations and designs of Suzuki’s flagship outboard. Advanced features like Suzuki Selective Rotation, Suzuki Precision Control and Suzuki Lean Burn Control , plus big V6 power combine to provide boaters with outstanding performance and great convenience. df250ap


These V6- 4 strokes bring jaw-dropping acceleration and performance to bass boats, bay boats and sport pontoons. Fishing, skiing, boarding or cruising- hit the throttle and hold on. You’re in for one heck of a ride.



Suzuki broke new horsepower barriers when it introduced its 3.6 liter V6 models, powering once and for all that 4-stroke technology is the wave of the future. Run for distant offshore fishing grounds , cruise to exotic new ports or just share time on the water with family. Suzuki’s Innovation Award winning technology, proven reliability, class leading fuel economy and unbeatable performance inject extra fun into each boating day.



Do you want big performance for your bass boat, center console or pontoon? Only Suzuki’s Big Block DF175 and DF150 four cylinder 4-stroke will do. With the most displacement of an in-line four cylinder four stroke . (174.9 Suzuki’s DF175 and DF150 Have what it takes to push you to new levels of excitement. The new DF175G and DF150G offers optional Suzuki Precision Maneuvering, Suzuki Precision Control and Lean Burn Control for outstanding performance and great convenience.



Suzuki engineers have developed a pair of outboards that offer great fuel economy without sacrificing on performance and employ advanced technologies that Suzuki has pioneered over the last decade. The DF140A and the DF115A incorporate the Suzuki Lean Burn System-the same system that has been delivering remarkable fuel economy on Suzuki’s award winning flagship, the DF300AP, as well as the DF250AP/DF90A/DF70A/DF60A/DF40A/DF20A/15A.

The DF140A/DF115A incorporate an O, Feedback Sensor System and Knock Sensor to improve emission, thus reducing impact on the environment.



You deserve more from every precious moment on the water. More power. More refinement. More miles from every gallon. Top to bottom, Suzuki has applied breakthrough technology to make these 4-stroke outboards smaller, lighter, faster and more efficient.



Engineered to deliver fuel-efficient operation in a compact and light weight design, the DF60A/50A/40A utilizes Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System to deliver high tech performance with efficient operation and top level fuel economy. With the optional Suzuki Troll Mode System , you can increase or decrease the engine speed in 50 rpm increments with the simple touch of an optional rocker switch.



These models feature Suzuki’s High Energy Rotation System. They are capable of delivering up to 42% more forward thrust and 136% more thrust in reverse. This offers more precise control and better low speed handling of pontoons and other heavy boats resulting in a more pleasurable boating experience.



The DF20A, DF15A and DF9.9B are the world’s first outboards in this class equipped with battery-less fuel injection system that offers quick, easy starts. By adding Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control technology to their design, these engines deliver remarkable fuel economy and reduce emissions throughout their operating range. Now available with Remote Control and Power Tilt.


DF25 V-Twin/ DF9.9 High Thrust/ DF9.9A

These outboards may be small in size, but they are big on advanced design ideas, innovative features, and big engine performance. The DF25 V Trim is powerful and compact. The DF 9.9 High Thrust is an excellent choice for the boater looking for auxiliary power or a small kicker motor. The DF 9.9A is the Next Generation Outboard-less weight, uses less fuel and incorporates an innovative Multi-Function Tiller Handle.



Small in stature but with big hearts, you can count on these portable 4-stroke outboards to get you where you want to go . Easy to start, easy to maneuver, and easy on gas, they’re right at home on the transom of a dinghy, inflatable or even a square –stern canoe.



Bring your boat in for a tune-up, repair or add some custom detailing. Whatever you like, we can help.
We offer a full line of Suzuki Outboard Engines, at the best price, and service that is second to none.
A listing of what we have in stock at our dealership and service center, including Nomad, Skate and Skiff.

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